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How to Reduce Irritation after Shaving Your Bikini Line

When you attempt to remove the hair from your bikini line by using a razor, you’re always prone to the risk of developing red bumps, known as razor rashes or irritation rashes, these bumps are not only painful but are also capable of inducing irritation. According to, these bumps on the bikini line indicate an infection called folliculitis.
What happens is that while shaving the bikini area, the razor tends to lift up the bacteria and pull them into hair follicles, which leads to small bumps looking similar to white-head pimples. These bumps can induce itchiness, irritation, and pain such that one can get very annoyed with that discomfort! Here are some ways to reduce that irritation and pain after shaving.
Shave Less Frequently
Once you have experienced the irritation and pain after shaving, the first step is to stop shaving. Further, reduce the frequency of shaving on the bikini line to avoid worsening the condition.
It is better to use an astringent followed by a moisturizer such as Vitamin E oil or the one that has no dyes or perfumes, so that the affected area remains clean and least painful. If the irritation level is beyond the tolerance level, do not shave at all or try some other hair removal method that is least painful.
Hydrocortisone Cream
This is the most common treatment to cool down the irritation of razor rash. Although the cream is available without prescription, it is better to seek the doctor’s advice for choosing the right brand.
Once you get the brand cream, apply it strictly as per the labeled instructions. Usually, applying it twice a day should give you relieving results. Generally, a thin layer of hydrocortisone on the affected area is just effective when you rub it in softly with the fingertips.
Apple Cider Vinegar
This home remedy is known for its anti-infection properties. Therefore, applying it with a cotton ball cools down the irritation as well as aids in keeping the infection at bay.
Aloe Vera Gel
Whenever it is the matter of healing a badly affected skin, Aloe Vera has always been the #1 choice of many women. Medically, this herb has anti-inflammatory properties that can heal any skin wounds. A thin layer of its gel is effective in relieving you from the symptoms of the razor burn over the bikini line. Just rub it gently with the fingertips, and do so 4-5 times a day.
Acne Treatment
Many experts suggest treating the razor bumps with a topical acne solution having benzoyl peroxide only up to 5%. After each shave, you can apply the solution cautiously by rubbing it gently. This is an effective way not only for treating the severe bumps or burns but also for preventing them from occurring every time you shave the bikini line.
Many experts suggest applying a paste of dissolved two aspirin tablets (uncoated) in a bit of water in a very free manner and then leaving it for half a minute after which you need to rinse off with lukewarm water. 

Get an Emergency Loan when you have Bad Credit

Everyone needs an emergency loan from time to time, even if they have bad credit. However, if your credit is unworthy to qualify for conventional loans, then it may take you a little time to find a loan that is right for you. Loans for people with bad credit are typically high in interest, so it is essential to only borrow what you need.

A loan can actually improve your credit score if you make the payments faithfully on time each month. If a person needs an emergency loan with bad credit, they should consider short-term loans. These loans have a low balance typically, to where a person can make the payments easily.

What Emergency Loan Might Be Right If You Have Bad Credit

The easiest type of short term emergency loan to get is a payday loan. The loan providers for these types of loans do not check a person’s score as a part of the approval process, which is why it is so easy for people who have bad credit histories to obtain these types of loans. As long as you make a certain amount of money from working or other means, then you will qualify for this loan.

The terms are usually that you will have to give the company a check that is postdated for the date that you will next get paid on. This type of loan is renewable, so you can take it out over and over again each time your loan date is due. You simply make the payment, then they will loan you the money that you made your payment with.

This type of loan can cause a person to get really behind, since the loan is actually against their paycheck and most people need their paychecks to live. This is why it is important to only borrow the minimum amount that you need and to pay it back as quickly as possible.

Title Loans are another easy loan to get if you have bad credit. These loans are typically small, because the lending institution usually takes the title to one or all of your vehicles in order to grant the loan. This means that the loan amount will only be able to be a percentage of what your vehicles are actually worth. Finance companies offer this type of loan more often than banks do, and they cater to people who have less than perfect credit.

The application process is simple, and you can usually receive a decision on your application within just a few hours. These loans are normally for a year or less in duration, but they can last longer depending on the amount of the loan and the lending institution that it is obtained from.

Emergency personal loans can often be given to people who have bad credit, but usually only through a finance company unless the person is well established with long-term standing at a regular bank. Since emergency loans are typically low amounts, regular banks are more apt to approve them with bad credit.

The loan amounts are usually so small since the amount is small, that they don’t feel that there is an overly huge risk in approving the loan. If a person pays their payments on time, then the bank or other lending institution will more than likely loan to them in the future, even if their credit is still bad.

Things to be on the Lookout for When You are getting an Emergency Bad Credit Loan

Do your research ahead of time, to find out what companies might approve you before actually applying. Each and every time you apply for a loan, it lowers your credit score a few points when the lending institution pulls your credit. If you apply to multiple companies, then it can seriously lower your score, to where companies that otherwise would have given you a loan won’t if the credit score drops to low.

Call the companies you are interested in first, to ask them what criterion they use in the loan approval process. This will let you know if you might be a good candidate for them to lend you money. Points that are deducted from your credit report for companies accessing your credit history can stay on the report for around two years, so it is important to remember this when you are applying for loans.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are applying for a bad credit loan is that finance companies on your credit report can actually lower your score a little unlike regular banks. While no one can say for sure how the credit scoring model actually works experts have determined that high risk lending companies can lower a person’s score, even if they can’t say exactly how much the scores will lower from it.

How to Write a Retirement Letter to your Employer

Should You Use a Retirement Letter Template?

Writing a retirement letter or saying good-bye to an employer may seem to be complicated and using a template could be helpful in one is unsure of how to properly and cordially express a genuine letter of intent. It is best to supply your employer with as much advance notice as possible of your retirement and having a basic template and outline in mind can be very helpful even if your retirement may be a few years off.

A few websites offer templates and basic formats for professionally styled retirement letters. Taking into account that every employee will have a very numerous amount of varying factors based on their retirement circumstances so the templates will be very general.

A few key factors to follow when preparing a retirement letter can quickly be check listed for reference when reviewing various templates. The style and presence that your letter represents should be personal and formal while cordial and cheery. Including that several items be included are as such.

Identification:   It is important to not only include your name at the head of the letter but also any identification numbers, employee numbers, codes and position performed and location within the plant or office, etc..

Date: This will not only include the day you are submitting the letter but also the intended last day of your employment. It is normal in most to allow a 2 to 4 week buffer when one is leaving for a planned absence but as retirement, it may be necessary to comply with a more futuristic advantage of 4 weeks to 6 months or even a year if you are in a higher-level position.

The date can be correlated to fall after a certain age is met or to the term of your employment age such as the 30 or 40 years mark if not exceeding. Here you can include your years of service and commitments.

Benefits: It will be a necessary communication to inform your employer if you will keep contributing to health and insurance benefits once you have retired.  Not all employers offer benefits to retired employees and some have a variety of plans available.

Contact Agreement: You can leave information on where you will be located, email, and mailing addresses and other phone numbers etc. for future contact of benefits information or other employer information.  You can also offer services of assistance for the new or replacement employee for your position and help in the transition. Went offering to be available after you have left you may want to set an amount of time of the availability such as 4 to 8 weeks determined by the position and possible complications.

A template for a retirement letter can be very helpful and outlining the content you would like to include in your letter of intent will help in choosing the proper template. Retirement can be accomplished also at any time in life, not only determined by age but perhaps at the end of a career if you have reached your limit. Variations of why, types of service, and employer relations will determine the type of template and content.

How To Make Tea Taste Better Without Sweetening It

I’m a huge tea lover, but I’ll be the first to admit that not everyone likes tea.  A number of people want to become tea drinkers for reasons of health, but express to me that they can’t seem to appreciate its taste.  Tea often naturally has a bitter taste, but there are a few simple things you can do to minimize the unpleasant qualities in a cup of tea, and increase your enjoyment.

In this article I will identify three ways you can make tea taste better: proper brewing, the selection of high-quality tea, and training yourself to become accustomed to its taste.

Proper Brewing: Steeping Time and Temperature Influences Taste

Even high-quality teas can taste outright bad if they are improperly brewed.  Brewing tea is not just as simple as pouring water over a tea bag.  Most teas will taste overly bitter and astringent (that puckery, dry feeling in your mouth that can be quite unpleasant) if they are allowed to steep too long.  The ideal steeping length varies hugely from one tea to the next, and is a matter of personal taste, but I like to use the guideline of 3 minutes for a typical black tea.

Some finely-broken teas (like what is inside most cheaper tea bags) actually taste better with even briefer steepings, as short as 1 minute, whereas whole-leaf teas, especially high-quality ones, may work well with longer steepings, like 5 minutes or more.

The steeping temperature is also important.  Many green teas taste quite foul if brewed with water that is too hot, but on the other hand, black teas often taste best when the water is as close to the boiling point as possible.  The British often warm up the teapot or mug before steeping the tea for this reason.  If your black tea is bland, or if your green tea is too bitter or sour, you would do well to check the temperature.  Let the water cool down a bit after boiling it before steeping green tea, and make sure it’s as hot as possible for black.

Selecting High-quality Tea to Begin With

You can get better at brewing tea, but if you’re drinking low-quality tea, it is stil going to taste pretty bad.  If you don’t like a specific type of tea, you will do well to explore different brands of tea, or different offerings from those brands or companies.  If you limit yourself to the brands of tea available in a typical supermarket, you will not have access to the highest-quality premium teas.

The best teas are often available only in loose-leaf form.  In general, the highest-quality tea that you can buy will tend to be of a named variety or grade (grade is only used for black teas, labels like “orange pekoe” or “TGFOP”), and from a specific region.  Low-quality tea is usually not identified as a specific type, only as a broad category like black tea or green tea, and is typically not identified by region either as it is often a blend of teas produced in different regions.

Training Yourself to Become Accustomed to the Taste of Tea

If you are just starting to drink tea, and you want to develop an appreciation of it, one of the most important tips I can offer is to not expect yourself to instantly like tea.  Tea is naturally bitter, and the human body has a natural aversion to bitter tastes–and for good reason: in nature, most bitter things are poisonous.  But the body also has an innate mechanism to develop a liking for new tastes: as we try a little bit of a new food or drink, if we feel well after drinking it, we will gradually start to like it more and more.

Treating tea like this can allow you to develop an appreciation for it.  It is important to drink the tea unsweetened and without milk if you want to develop a liking for tea without milk or sugar.  Whenever someone has unsweetened tea, ask them if you can try a sip of it.  Pay attention to how it tastes, even if you don’t like it.  Try brewing yourself a small cup of tea and sipping it…but don’t expect yourself to like it or drink a whole cup.  You may find that over weeks or months, as you expose yourself to tea, you’ll develop a liking of it.

Final Tips

Developing an appreciation for drinking unsweetened tea can take a bit of effort, but is worth it.  Unsweetened tea is refreshing, and you can drink as much of it as you want.  The biggest piece of advice I’d offer, besides the points above, is to experiment.  You can also find further information about tea, and specific tea reviews at RateTea, a site I am editor of.

Top 5 Best Credit Cards

Credit cards are now a basic necessity of our modern lives. Credit cards have gained the momentum for a decade now, and the way of spending it has changed a lot over the period of time. Credit cards come in handy and it is easiest mode of payments for a wide range of purchases, be it for your daily use from any store or merchant websites online.

Choosing the best credit cards services available in the market is one important decision to make. As with the facility of credit card, comes many more advantages and offers that are rendered by the credit card company.

Using credit card meticulously can bring you many great rewards and discounts. Below mentioned are highly rated and esteemed credit cards, selecting such a credit card and utilizing their great offers is a total pleasure.

Citi Simplicity Card

Citibank came into existence in the year 1812, as a small bank. Now, it has 1400 offices and more than half of it is functioning in the U.S. Their employees are serving a huge number of customers in over 100 countries and other territories of the world. Citi Simplicity Card is their new introduction in the range of their other credit cards. With this card they offer following benefits to their customers:

  • A 0% introductory APR for one and a half year, which is applicable on both purchasing and balance transfers.

  • Assistance on the usage of card is available round the clock. All you’ll need to do is dial their number and shoot your query.

  • There are no annual fees or hidden late payment charges involved with the use of this credit card.

  • Once the offer period is over, the APR will be charged from 12.99% – 21.99% and no other increased interest is charged because of late payment.

  • If you fail to make your minimum payment in time, they do not charge you any penalty interest rate, which is charged by many other banks.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

Capital One came into existence in 1988, and since then it is involved in providing its customers a broad range of financial services. It has almost 1,000 branches working largely in New York, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland, Louisiana, District of Columbia and Virginia. Based on deposits it is one of the top 10 banks of the nation.

VentureOne Rewards is a new credit card issued by Capital One bank. With this card they are offer great deals for the benefits of customers. Here is the list of some important facilities offered by the bank along with this card:

  • No annual fees required to pay for the usage of the benefits of this credit card.

  • Intro 0% APR on purchase until August 2013.

  • On spending every $1 for any purchase, you get 1.25 miles. Redeem these miles for the payment of airline tickets, hotel charges, car rentals etc.

  • On spending first $1,000 within the first three months get one time 10,000 bonus miles.

  • Travel accident insurance.

  • 24×7 emergency assistance is available.

Capital One Cash Rewards

Capital One Cash Rewards credit card is one more innovation of Capital One bank in the field this industry. Many interesting and amusing offers can be obtained by possessing this card. Some of the key benefits that you can avail as the holder of this card are listed below:

  • 0% intro APR till June 2013 on any purchase.

  • On every purchase get 1% cash back.

  • Cash back offer for a lifetime and can be redeemed any time.

  • On the total cash back earned in 1 year get a 50% bonus.

  • If you have a query with respect to your card, then you could call their 24/7 assistant to sort it out.

  • Your card can be further personalized with a picture of your choice along with your name and account number.

  • For foreign transactions, no fees are levied.

  • By using this card for renting a car you are covered for accidents, injuries and loss.

Discover More Card

Discover introduced its first credit card in 1986, and since then it is striving hard to serve its customers by providing best services in the sector. Other banking services of Discover are also rendered in favor of its esteemed customers.

Discover More Card is their new innovation in the wide range of their other credit cards. Following tempting services are presented by them along with this card:

  • Introductory 0% APR on any purchase for the first 6 months, 10.99% – 19.99% APR after that.

  • Introductory 0% APR on any balance transfer for the first 1.5 years, 10.99% to 19.99% APR in the following years.

  • 5% Cash back Bonus – in this exciting offer on many commodities, we can get 5% cash back. These commodities generally keep changing like restaurants, departmental stores, gas etc.

  • 24 hours access to any of the U.S. based customer service departments

  • No fees charged while redeeming rewards, which mean no hidden or additional card fee at all.

Chase Sapphire Card

Chase bank was established in 1955, and is now working with 5,100 branches nationwide. Its headquarters is located in Chicago. Chase bank has introduced a wide range of credit cards but Chase Sapphire credit card is specially bought in for people who fall in the category of frequent flyers. Key advantages of this card are mentioned below:

  • No annual fee.

  • After spending $500 within first 3 months secure a $100 reward, which is 10,000 points.

  • Earn 1 point per $1 for any purchase and 2 points per $1 you spent at restaurant.

  • Keep on earning points, they never expire.

  • You can convert your points into cash or can use them to pay for your airline tickets, hotel or restaurant bills, car rents, etc.

  • When you utilize your points for purchasing airline tickets, there are no restrictions like blackout dates at all.

  • 24/7 customer service executives available at your service.

  • If you hire a car using this card, then you are covered with authentic cash value of the rented vehicle. 

Why You Should Choose Estonia as Your Next Holiday Destination

Forget about Bali. Forget about your plans to have a safari adventure in Africa, try something different and unique this year: the marvelous and inspiring Estonia. Not so long ago a hidden unexplored gem, Estonia is an increasingly popular European destination. If you haven’t studied Estonia’s travel guide yet, here are some reasons why you should consider this former Soviet country for your next getaway:

Postcard Medieval Castles

A valid reason for history lovers as well as for romantic spirits, Estonia’s castles make a fascinating discovery. As most of them were erected sometime early in the 13th century, they speak about the most tumultuous times of the Estonian history. Some were destroyed by warring factions along the years, but many have already been restored to their former grace and glory. They are now open to the general public as museums displaying artifacts from the foregone eras, housing restaurants, wine cellars and romantic hotels.

A rich cultural heritage

The starting point of any vacation in Estonia is, of course, Tallinn – the capital city. Home to the best preserved medieval quarter in Europe, Tallinn is very much alive and bustling. Spend your day touring medieval castles, climbing historical towers, visiting old churches and strolling along the charming streets of Tallinn’s old town.

Great value for your money

Estonia is one of those tourist destinations that don’t involve dent your budget. You can find decent hotels that won’t cost you a fortune. Moreover, many of the attractions are free.  While in the Estonian capital city, don’t miss the opportunity to sightsee Tallin’s Old Town. It won’t cost you a dime to visit the city’s historical churches, to stroll in its beautiful gardens or to explore Pirita neighborhood and its beaches. In the same area you will find a Promenade perfectly suitable for scenic walks.

Oldest Wine Recipes

The Rakvere Castle is said to have been founded in 1226 and the artifacts and relics that have been collected from the spot indicate that it was first inhabited by the Vikings. The Vikings mostly used wooden materials to build and fortify the castle but later the Danes came in and replaced this with stone structures. During the Livonian war, as history points out, the castle was destroyed by the Russians but it ended up under the control of the Swedes. In 1605 the Poles blew it up and it is now home to the oldest wine recipe in the world.

Amazing Folklore & Mystical Legends

Despite a troubled history, the Estonians knew how to keep their national identity intact. They are now proud to share ancient myths and legends with tourists coming here from all over the world. For instance, Haapsalu Castle is home to one of the most revered legends in Estonia. Rumor has it that during the moonlight in August nights a white lady appears on the inner wall of the chapel. The only thing to do if you want to check the legend’s validity is to immerse yourself in a mythical atmosphere by visiting this magical country.

Role Models for Women – The Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of the Last Decade

With a slumping economy in the United States, there is a call for more entrepreneurs. The work force is gradually changing and there is a shift that has been occurring in the last decade that is revealing that more women are becoming entrepreneurs.

In over fifty-nine economies worldwide, there is an estimated one hundred and eighty seven million women incorporating their own business style and starting their own businesses. There is a much needed call for new jobs. Whether those new jobs come from men or women is of little significance. In fact, anyone who is able to create new jobs should do so.

The Past

In the past decade there have been many women who have influenced and encouraged other women to begin striving toward their dreams of staring their own business. Success can be found and grounded with social and family obligations.

Society is finally seeing the need for critical and deep thinkers no matter what their sex may be. Job creation is the key to regenerate a down-trodden economy. Becoming an entrepreneur is one way that women can help generate new jobs and help boost the economy. New female entrepreneurs have some intense footprints to fill.

Women who strive to be entrepreneurs need good role models. Whether their dreams have been put on hold by self-doubt or the lack of key figures in their inner circles, it is time for women to even out male dominated entrepreneurship.

With the proper training and guidance as well as connection to other female entrepreneurs, women can begin to find their inner strength and resolve to become successful. The following women are the top ten women entrepreneurs of the last decade.

  • Zhang Yin – Nine Dragons Paper Holdings

  • Wu Yajun – Longfor Properties

  • Chen Lihua – Fu Wah International

  • RosaliaMera – Inditex

  • Xiu Li Hawken – Renhe Commercial Holdings

  • Yelena Baturina – Inteco

  • Oprah Whinfrey

  • Chu Lam Yiu – Huabao International

  • Doris Fisher – The Gap Inc.

  • Giuliana Benetton – Benetton Fashion, Atlantia, Autogrill Restaurants

All of these women are from all over the world. They have started their own businesses and continued to be positive role models for future female entrepreneurs. Some of them are from foreign countries in which there is less of a gap between upcoming entrepreneurs being male or female. The merit is not based on sex in these cases but rather in aptitude, skill, ambition and knowledge.

Zhang Yin

Known as one of the richest women in China, Zhang Yin founded Nine Dragons Paper Holdings in 1996 and currently directs the company. They import paper scraps from other countries and turn the scraps into cardboard to make boxes that export goods for China. This was not her first attempt however; in 1985 she opened her very first paper trading company. She is proof that hard work and diligence pay off.

Wu Yajun

In 1994, Wu Yajun founded her company called Longfor Properties. When she started her company her background was in journalism and engineering. Her desire was to own and operate a real estate company and through sheer determination she forged her path. She keeps a very low profile however and resists giving interviews.

Chen Lihua

This extraordinary lady is educated through high school. She is a native of Beijing and started her life as part of a poor family. In 1976 she began repairing furniture and started her own repair business. By the 1980’s she moved to Hong Kong to pursue her dreams in the real estate industry.

She returned to Beijing after living in Hong Kong for ten years and began her very own real estate company called Fu Wah. Her focus has been on housing projects that are residential. While she gives back to the community via investments in museums, Lihua is still focused on the development of housing in the area of Dongdan. She is the perfect role-model for women who believe they are not educated enough to pursue their dreams of opening up their own business.


With the start of Inditex in 1975, RasaliaMera has become a fashion guru in Galicia, Spain. Her very first brand name was Zara. Over the years her company, founded with her husband at the time, absorbed a few subsidiaries from all over the world. With a staff of over one hundred thousand, Mera has become a very savvy business woman with a keen sense of style. It is possible to create business from the love of fashion and lead yourself down the path of success.

Xiu Li Hawken

Being a self-made billionaire takes a lot of work. Xiu Li Hawken is officially a United Kingdom citizen but has made her fortune in Hong Kong converting underground bunkers into shopping malls.

They are typically situated near subways and high traffic areas above ground which proves to be successful for business. She is the largest shareholder for Renhe Commercial Holdings, who continues to build underground shopping malls today. The key to her success was the ability to seize and opportunity and build upon it.

Yelena Baturina

Yelena Baturina owns two successful companies, a construction company and a plastics company called Inteco. She is one of the wealthiest Russian women to date. She founded her plastics company in 1991. Despite being married to a Russian diplomat, mayor of Moscow YuriyLuzhkov, Yelena kept her businesses and flourished.

Oprah Whinfrey

The fact that Oprah made this list should be of little to no surprise. She is one of the most known role models for female entrepreneurs. Her influence reaches out beyond the parameters of television and is an inspiration for us all. She is known to be the first black woman to become a billionaire. She is a keen model for women that wish to generate their own intrinsic beliefs via business.

Chu Lam Yiu

At the age of twenty seven, Chu Lam Yiu of China started her own fragrance and flavorings company. Her business is called HuaBao International Holdings. She is one of youngest billionaires in the entire world. With great strides and determination she has taken many positions of leadership in vital industry groups that are local. Her influence is flagrant of her desire to create business and become her own entrepreneur.

Doris Fisher

Along with her husband Donald, Doris Fisher started a clothing store in 1969 named The Gap. She started the clothing store in San Francisco and began by selling music and jeans. Now there are over three thousand Gap stores all over the world. The Gap incorporates brands such as Old Navy and banana republic. Due to her success, Fisher now owns over one thousand art pieces of the contemporary variety.

Giuliana Benetton

Benetton Fashion started when Giuliana Benetton and her siblings sold sweaters from the back of their bicycles. She knitted those sweaters herself and created a brand that would soon become part of the fashion industry. Her drive was to make money while doing something she enjoyed. Through her financial endeavors, Guiliana Benetton also sought fortune with a toll road company called Atlantia and restaurants known worldwide as the Autogrill Restaurants.

Every single one of these women had the ambition to follow through with their ideas. They made them a significant part of their lives and began businesses with the goal of becoming successful and financially fit.

It took determination and a strong sense of ambition to keep following their ideas and making them a reality. No entrepreneur begins a business successfully the very first time. Sometimes it takes time and a great deal of determination.

With role models such as these ten women, it proves that there is a way to persevere and to succeed in a satisfying vocation of your choice. Today there is more guidance than ever. The world is ever-changing, become a female entrepreneur and change right along with it, molding the path for future business leaders.

How To Clean Rubber Sink Mats Properly

Rubber sink mats are a very ingenious solution to protect your dishes from breaking into the sink. Accidental falls will not worry you anymore and you will wash your dishes safely. Also, if you have a ceramic sink the rubber mats will protect it from chips and scratches, from metal cutlery.

But, from all the exposure to food particles and water these mats can get stains that are very tough to remove. And if they’re not dried constantly, the risk of mildew stains is really high. The stains might not bother you for a while, but in time there will be quite an unpleasant odour coming out from your sink mat.

Many cleaning experts recommend the usage of bleach if you’re trying to get rid of mildew and germs from a certain surface. Chlorine bleach effectively kills most of the harmful bacteria and you’ll have a clean and safe kitchen. However, if you plan on using bleach be sure that you’re properly prepared for it wearing rubber gloves and you always work in a well-ventilated area.

To start the cleaning process, wet the rubber mat with some cold water. Sprinkle the bleaching product on one side of the rubber mat and take a sponge. If you have one of those sponges that has an abrasive side, you best use it to speed up the cleaning process. Start scrubbing the mat with the sponge to really get the cleaning product inside the mat.

If it’s needed add more cleanser to increase the cleaning power. Turn the mat on the other side and repeat the cleaning process. If there are any hard to remove stains you can apply some cleaning product to the stain and let it sit for a couple of minutes to work better. When you’re finished cleaning the mat rinse both sides with clean water. Repeat the steps if there are any stains left. Dry the mat a bit with a clean towel and leave it to air dry overnight. In the morning place it again in your sink.

To protect the rubber mat from cracking and drying you can rub in some olive oil in it and let it sit like this for an hour. After that, clean the oil from the rubber mat with some warm water and dish soap.

I hope these cleaning tips work for you and you’ll have a clean and mould free rubber mat. And if you’re not a fan of cleaning chore and you live in Sydney, Australia be sure to look for the cleaners from Sydney.

Beauty Tips – Some of The Best Topical Wrinkle Fillers


Who wouldn’t want to have a youthful looking face that will simply take away many years of hard-work and toil? Those deep furrows and fine lines on your neck, jaw, and face can indeed leave indelible marks on your face, which will always be a constant reminder of your journey here on earth.

Undoubtedly, age is a natural phenomenon and with it you will start developing fine lines and wrinkles. In very huge contrast, when you look at Hollywood stars and other celebrities, they look all young and youthful even in their late 60’s. What could be the secret of this youthful and rejuvenated appearance? Could it be the much dreaded and expensive plastic surgery or the use of wrinkle fillers?

Plastic surgery, if done by the right plastic surgeon, and if everything else remains constant, can always have dramatic results on your fine lines and wrinkles. Even so, it is undoubtedly the most expensive and unaffordable alternative for wrinkles for the average citizen, who ironically, needs it even more than the celebrities.

This is because the average citizen tends to worry a lot especially when it comes to making money and putting food on the table, thus the formation of worry lines and eventually deep furrows.

Here is an overview of the other equally effective alternative to wrinkle-free skin.

Overview of wrinkle fillers

One thing that should be made clear here is that anti-wrinkle creams should not be confused with wrinkle fillers. Anti wrinkle creams, while very effective in their own capacity when it comes to moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin, tend to take much longer to reduce the appearance and amount of fine lines and wrinkles from the skin. As such, they will require a regular application of the same for one to experience significant changes in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkle fillers on the other hand are exactly that, fillers that are used to reduce the formation and appearance of wrinkles. This they do by filling and plumping the fine lines and deep furrows with substances that are readily acceptable by the body.

Different Types of wrinkle fillers

Wrinkle fillers come in two broad categories: injectable fillers and topical application fillers. Injectable fillers are those that are directly injected using needles into the affected area and their effect is often instant. Topical fillers on the other hand are applied topically on the affected area, the same way you apply regular cream.

Even so, their effect might take longer to penetrate through the epidermis; hence the results are not as instant as those of injectable fillers. Also worth mentioning is the fact that injectable fillers are a lot more expensive compared to their topical counterparts, and their results are longer lasting.

How to apply topical fillers

Topical wrinkle fillers are the most affordable and accessible by the average citizen hence are readily available in the market, both in offline and online stores. They often come with a set of instructions on how they should be applied for maximum results. Generally, though, they ought to be applied once daily, preferably after cleansing the skin and after application of an effective moisturizer.

Another thing worth mentioning is that if you will be using makeup, you should apply the topical fillers first before using foundation. This ensures the fillers come in direct contact with the skin. Note that some filler will come with some special applicator which will make it a lot easier to apply on the deep lines directly. Generally, though, they will need to be applied using your fingers.

What constitutes the best topical wrinkle fillers?

If you are worried that wrinkles have started to form, the first thing you need to do is to stop worrying, because worry lines will only worsen the condition and make the fine lines more visible. The good news is that you have a reason to smile, since the market has some of the best topical wrinkle fillers that you can avail. Rest assured that the best of these fillers will offer the same effects as those of the injectable and cosmetic surgery, but at a much lesser, pain-free and affordable way.

What should be mentioned is that most of the products available in the market will not give you the desired results. What this means is that you will keep on buying and applying with no visible results. How do you know what constitutes the best topical wrinkle fillers that have guaranteed results?

Functional keratin – this is a must-have ingredient when it comes to topical wrinkle fillers. Functional keratin helps stimulate the growth and production of collagen and elastin. Needless to mention, it is because of the fact that elastin and keratin have diminished that you have started to have wrinkles. Most anti-aging products contain collagen and elastin that is for a fact. However, they have been formulated in a way that collagen cannot be easily absorbed through the skin, meaning it does nothing to increase the levels of collagen in your body.

If you therefore come across a product with artificial collagen as an active ingredient, be very cautious. Functional keratin is the only thing that can boost the production of collagen naturally. A good example of functional keratin is Cynergy TK which is more or less similar to the natural keratin found on your skin. It will fortify the underlying muscles and tissues, thus encouraging and promoting the growth and multiplication of new skin cells.

Hyaluronic Acid – the other important ingredient that constitutes the best topical wrinkle fillers is hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the inner layer of the skin (the dermis). This substance will attract and lock in moisture. As a result filling the spaces in between with collagen and elastic fibers, and finally plumping up the fine lines and deep wrinkles. Just like collagen, this substance will decrease with the natural aging process and will need a specialized topical wrinkle filler to help supply the skin with the same.

Phytessence Wakame – this is sea kelp that is equally essential in any topical wrinkle filler that is worth its name. Its presence is much felt since it helps breakdown hyaluronic acid and makes it easily absorbable by the skin.

Light-diffusing ingredients – the presence of light diffusing ingredients will make the skin look smoother, clearer, and lighter.

With that being said, with the best topical wrinkle fillers, you can expect to have well hydrated skin with less visible marks and wrinkles over time. The skin should be lighter, brighter and smoother, and should appear rejuvenated and youthful. The effects can especially be felt on photo-aging skin i.e. skin that has aged prematurely due to such things as environmental factors, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, etc.

The other things that should be mentioned are the draw backs of topical wrinkle fillers. If not applied well, they will become very obvious and visible on your skin. Some filler also have a tendency of peeling off, while others are slippery, very heavy and quite thick, hence may end up causing acne by clogging the skin pores. This means that you should take your time to find the best wrinkle fillers to use, those that guarantee great results.

Where to find the best topical wrinkle fillers

Thanks to technological advancements, one of the greatest places to find topical wrinkle fillers is on the internet. Today virtual stores are stocking the best beauty care products, and often come at a discounted price. The best thing with checking the products online is the fact that you can compare and contrast as many products as possible, and get to read online reviews before settling down for one.

Conducting an apple to apple comparison of topical wrinkle fillers is highly recommended to ensure you get the best possible product. You might also want to take your time to go through online reviews of the products you are considering. Read user feedback and ratings to help you make a wise and informed decision.