What Vitamins are Good for Anxiety?

Are there any vitamins that can help with anxiety or panic attacks?

Millions of people around the world suffer from a common stress or reactor known as anxiety. Anxiety, also referred to as angst or worry, is an intense uneasy psychological state which may affect ones emotions, behaviors, or cognitive thinking.

Anxiety is typically a normal reaction to stress, causing a person to feel an intense sudden rush of fear and concern, with the intensity and length of attack differing from person to person. Anxiety is usually only brought on by extreme stress or a sudden stressful event, however if one receives excessive anxiety for close to no reason at all, they may be classified as having anxiety disorder.

Whether or not you suffer from anxiety disorder, going under a sudden suspenseful anxiety attack can be quite tiring and frightening. For those who tend to suffer from anxiety on a usual basis, they may be wondering what natural vitamins can help to reduce the onset of anxiety attacks or rid them completely. The first vitamin that will help someone greatly with their anxiety is a B-complex supplement.

A B-complex supplement is incredibly important for anyone suffering with anxiety attacks, especially if your diet is mainly processed foods which contain little nutritional value. B-complexes are made up of B vitamins which are known to help the brain relax by giving it a stabilizing substance. Additionally, B-1 and B-6 vitamins contain a natural calming property which will help your mind to be at ease.

If you have anxiety attacks often, keeping your adrenal glands in tip top shape is important. This is because after a period of time your adrenal glands will become exhausted from releasing adrenaline, causing extreme fatigue.

This extreme fatigue will eventually bring you to have a weak immune system, which in turns makes you susceptible to illnesses. Taking a vitamin C supplement will help to reduce the risk of adrenal exhausted while boosting your immunity, which is always a good thing whether you suffer from anxiety or not.

Calcium and magnesium supplements are incredibly important in the easing of anxiety attacks. The calcium and magnesium duo does a number on relieving people of their anxiety systems while also giving them a better night’s sleep.

Many people who suffer from a magnesium deficiency end up having anxiety, but other symptoms include insomnia, mood changes, and low blood pressure. If this sounds like you, then a calcium and magnesium supplement is even more important.

Lastly, adding a zinc supplement to your diet will do wonders for your relief. Zinc helps the brain to naturally secrete more serotonin and melatonin, which are calming neurons. Not only that, but Zinc helps to build a stronger immune system.

For those who suffer from a Zinc deficiency, they may have strong feelings of depression and fatigue, accompanied by a weak immune system. With symptoms such as these, anxiety only gets worse. The simple solution to this common deficiency is to take a Zinc supplement every day along with the other vitamins listed above. 

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