What Led To The Fame Of Lindberg Glasses?

When Poul J. Lindberg was exposed to the reality that he will have to wear glasses for this entire life, he realized one thing. He was himself an optician in Denmark but didn’t have anything appealing or stylish in assortments offered by him.  All the frames and styles seemed boring and lifeless. Also, he realized that the frames were not that comfortable and caused some sort of disturbance throughout. So, he planned to come up with something that is not only appealing but comfortable, stylish and flexible.

This idea led to the invention of Lindberg glasses and since then people not only adore the pairs, but the whole world has accepted this classy brand. Here we will highlight the key features of the eye glasses offered by this brand because everyone is intrigued to know about the popularity of this cult brand. The best part was that, Poul was an optician so he knew his thoughts could be transformed into something worthy and classy. However, his work required a team effort and more knowledge about materials and things used, which he lacked. For this purpose he offered partnership to one of the famous Danish architects, Dissing. In this way he was able to add the aesthetic element in the frames.

The first ever design which was made public by Lindberg was the titanium AIR. This frame got so popular that it not only received the best frame award, but also allures people till date. This is one of the brand’s achievements because it was created in 1983, but still is considered as a fashion icon. You must be thinking what was so good about the design and frame. It was manufactured with simplicity but was full of elegance. It consisted of twisted titanium strips with nose pads made from silicon and interestingly it had no rivets and welding. The design was the simplest icon of beauty style, elegance and comfort.

The above things can clearly be transformed into four important aspects which contribute to Lindberg’s fame;

Flexibility: The material used seems hard, but offers flexibility as titanium alloy is very durable and sturdy. The temples of the glasses are very thin which provides the classic professional look. This is a popular choice of business personnel and working category.

Lightweight: It may sound strange but many of the frames just weight 1.5 gram. This makes them almost weightless but still there is no compromise on their quality and stylish appeal.

Comfortable: As mentioned before they do not involve any welding points or rivets and even the nose pad is made from silicon. This makes them very comfortable and without any trouble, you can wear them for the day long.

Practically invisible: All the eye wear in this brand would be rimless. This provides the look as if one is not even wearing any glasses. It is not wrong to say that they were the initiators of this classic trend. 

For more information about Lindberg quality glasses (is interesting to know that the Danish term is Lindberg kvalitets briller), you can check here.

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