How to Write a Retirement Letter to your Employer

Should You Use a Retirement Letter Template?

Writing a retirement letter or saying good-bye to an employer may seem to be complicated and using a template could be helpful in one is unsure of how to properly and cordially express a genuine letter of intent. It is best to supply your employer with as much advance notice as possible of your retirement and having a basic template and outline in mind can be very helpful even if your retirement may be a few years off.

A few websites offer templates and basic formats for professionally styled retirement letters. Taking into account that every employee will have a very numerous amount of varying factors based on their retirement circumstances so the templates will be very general.

A few key factors to follow when preparing a retirement letter can quickly be check listed for reference when reviewing various templates. The style and presence that your letter represents should be personal and formal while cordial and cheery. Including that several items be included are as such.

Identification:   It is important to not only include your name at the head of the letter but also any identification numbers, employee numbers, codes and position performed and location within the plant or office, etc..

Date: This will not only include the day you are submitting the letter but also the intended last day of your employment. It is normal in most to allow a 2 to 4 week buffer when one is leaving for a planned absence but as retirement, it may be necessary to comply with a more futuristic advantage of 4 weeks to 6 months or even a year if you are in a higher-level position.

The date can be correlated to fall after a certain age is met or to the term of your employment age such as the 30 or 40 years mark if not exceeding. Here you can include your years of service and commitments.

Benefits: It will be a necessary communication to inform your employer if you will keep contributing to health and insurance benefits once you have retired.  Not all employers offer benefits to retired employees and some have a variety of plans available.

Contact Agreement: You can leave information on where you will be located, email, and mailing addresses and other phone numbers etc. for future contact of benefits information or other employer information.  You can also offer services of assistance for the new or replacement employee for your position and help in the transition. Went offering to be available after you have left you may want to set an amount of time of the availability such as 4 to 8 weeks determined by the position and possible complications.

A template for a retirement letter can be very helpful and outlining the content you would like to include in your letter of intent will help in choosing the proper template. Retirement can be accomplished also at any time in life, not only determined by age but perhaps at the end of a career if you have reached your limit. Variations of why, types of service, and employer relations will determine the type of template and content.

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