How to Change Your Mood with Positive Thinking

You mood is determined by your thought process. When you are involved in particular events or situations you can control how you react to them and feel, by changing the way you think about them. This sounds very easy and it would seem that if this is the case, most everyone could change their mood from good to bad.It sounds tricky doesn’t it? Pretty much the idea is that you can change how you feel about something and therefore be in a better mood.

The human mind interprets an event and then determines how you are going to feel about it. Essentially, what you think determines how you feel and using this thought process you can interject positive thoughts to improve your mood. Thinking changes our feelings. You can strengthen and practice your thinking skills too. It is only human to think inaccurate or irrational thoughts at times.

This is not a flaw, instead it is a reaction. We need to be able to be aware of our reactions more often and control our thinking to change negative moods into positive moods. First you need to be aware of your reaction and think about it. Reason that cause negative mood swings can span several subjects but the emotions are similar to those listed below.

  • Guilt

  • Anger

  • Sadness

  • Anxiety

Change Your Negative Thinking

There are several steps you can take to change your negative thinking into positive thinking. It is important to be aware of how you feel in order to catch some of these thinking patterns before you get too wrapped up in a particular negative emotion. The longer you dwell on something negatively, the harder it can be to release yourself from a negative stupor. The keys are in knowing you put yourself there, and you have the strength and control to get yourself out of it too.

The Keys to Positive Thinking

You can begin by thinking precisely. Do not put yourself down by saying that you always mess up. Instead note that you did not do it right this time, but you can learn from your mistakes and you will get it right next time. You are avoiding words that make it sound as if you are always negative. These types of words are imperatives, must, should, always and never. They tend to lend a negative thought great influence.

Sometimes when people are thinking negative thoughts it is due to imagined situations. Deal with the facts and the reality instead of imagining the worst case scenario. Make it a point not to second guess people too. This goes along with imagining bad reactions. Ask someone what they think about a situation, event or even yourself, instead of deciding that you know. It never hurts to ask.

Filter negative thoughts by considering the whole situation. When you focus on a singular negative detail, you tend to continue to knock yourself and others down about it. Instead look at everything with a balanced perspective. We all have flaws, just don’t dwell on them. This will help balance your mood and keep you focused on the positive.

Thoughts tend to make us feel a certain way whether it is right or wrong. If those thoughts happen to be inaccurate then your feelings are more than likely misplaced and inaccurate too. Noticing this involves emotional reasoning. While lost in a myriad of thoughts you need to be able to decipher what is tangible compared to what is imagined.

Fairness fallacy is an important factor to keep in mind, as well. Fairness is not absolute; rather it is relative to the thoughts of a particular person. Your standards of fairness may not match those of other people.You guide your own beliefs when it comes to fairness. These beliefs are centered on your personal responsibilities, wants and needs.

The fallacy of fairness comes into action when you get upset because others do not meet your standard of fairness. It may be difficult to wrap your mind around, but when you let go of your ideas of fairness and think about others ideas of fairness, you may find you can release those negative emotions and find a positive mood in your near future.

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