Great Tours To South Africa

Many people dream of touring the region of Africa even if only once in their lifetime. Some people are however wary of catching the tropical disease of malaria. It is one of the reasons why some people keep on postponing their tours to the continent. It should therefore come as good news for such people to realize that there are actually malaria free zones in South Africa. It is important to note that NOT ALL areas in South Africa are free from malaria so the necessary precautions are to be taken in case you want to visit more than the malaria free zones.

South Africa is one of the most diverse regions in Africa when it comes to resources and culture. Many people come to the region so as to enjoy this diversity. Cultures spell out many languages and there are actually 11 official languages recognized in South Africa. Culture diversity also spells out great cuisines that can be enjoyed in the country. These are some of the things you will experience firsthand during your tour.

The landscapes in South Africa are also to die for. The garden route is known as to having the most scenic places ever seen on earth. The route is a favorite for self drives where you can take some time and enjoy most of the things that the country has to offer. There are beaches, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, clubs as well as accommodation and restaurant facilities in the area. There are also game reserves here totally covering the South African experience.

South Africa’s history is widely known in the world especially that relating to the colonial era. Some history fanatics tour the country so as to visit some of the heritage sites that are still standing. One of the favourites is the Robben Island where the political leaders were held behind bars for years.

The wine lands is also a famous area that is worth touring. Visit the area and enjoy the plantations in the area. Wine tasting is an experience that will never be forgotten. Some of the best South African wines are made here and you will be thrilled to be in the wine lands.

Tours to South Africa may also be specific to game viewing. This activity can be achieved by visiting one of the more than 600 reserves and park areas in the country.

Ultimately, South Africa is the ideal place to go in tour with your family or friends. It is also a perfect place for honeymoons especially in the beach areas. Excursion and game drives are things that will stay imprinted in your mind for days to come.

South Africa Safari, one of the most diverse and enchanting experience. Learn more about this beautiful country.

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