Great Tips To Keep Your Designer Glasses In Good Shape

Branded spectacles, such as a pair of Gucci glasses, are an excellent purchase, whether you are going to don eyeglasses to help vision or don these accessories purely for style purposes. Glasses from famous designer brands are not just fashionable, they’re also quite durable since only high-quality materials and strict production processes are carried out in their making.

Probably the most commonly mentioned care methods for prescription spectacles include utilizing mild cleaning agents to get rid of dirt and grime, cleaning with a scratch-proof microfiber material, and storing in a hard case when not being used. Listed below, alternatively, are some great advice on caring for optical eyewear that many spectacle users might not be aware of:

Always wipe your eyeglasses wet. Eyeglasses, particularly the lenses, are usually vulnerable to accumulating dirt, dust and oil from regular use. Many individuals eradicate this dirt build-up by just cleaning their dry spectacles with a cloth. Although this is indeed good at getting rid of stubborn dirt in some cases, merely cleaning glasses while they’re dry puts your glasses in danger of having marks.

To stop them from being scratched, always try to moisten lenses first before cleaning using water or specially designed lens cleaners from optical stores. This is a particularly important tip since liquid not only clears away debris that can scratch lenses, it also acts as a lubricant.

Hold your glasses on the bridge while wiping. Most people usually hold spectacles using one hand while cleaning the lens with the other, and the most common part that eyeglasses users hold is the arm of the frame. This, combined with the rubbing motion during cleaning, places stress on the frame, which can eventually distort its condition. Distortion of the frames should be avoided as this modifies the alignment of your glasses to your eyes, therefore affecting how well you can view.

Never store your eyeglasses in places of intense heat or cold. Subjecting your spectacles to intense temperatures can damage the frames’ material, causing shrinkage and expansion that may destroy the frame and make it prone to breakage. These adjustments secondary to temperature fluctuations can eventually loosen the frames’ hold on lenses, creating both simple glasses like reading spectacles and more advanced optical eyewear like varifocals lose their alignment (and thus, focus).

Hold your spectacles with both hands during placement or removal. If you’re busy or in a rush, it’s most likely that you pick up glasses and wear them or remove them using only one hand. This is certainly very effortless, but doing so pulls just on one of the arms, resulting in a deformed pair of spectacles over time.

Regardless if you are intending to put on eyeglasses to aid vision or use these products simply for style reasons, a pair of Gucci spectacles are a good purchase.

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