Golf, A Great Way to Exercise and Socialize

Yes, golf is great exercise and a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends!

Time to get off the cart and go for a stroll around the links with your family and friends! Walking is great exercise and a walk around the golf course is generally around a three to four mile walk from the first tee to the eighteenth green! Not only that, but you are outdoors in the fresh air! You are also combining walking with stretching, bending, calisthenics motions, breathing and thinking! Yes, you also exercise your brain!

So, you wake up on a beautiful day and golf is on your mind! Get yourself a tee time at your favorite course with your favorite golfing buddies and settle in for a nice breakfast! After breakfast drive to the course and instead of getting a powered cart for the round, get out your hand cart, or carry your bag if you want an extra work out! Get a small bucket of balls and head to the driving range for a little warm up.

Grab a short club and start doing some stretching! Stretch your back muscles and your shoulders by gently swinging the club, the little bit of extra weight in your hands will help you stretch and warm up your muscles easily and gently.

Bend at the waist and stretch out your legs and hamstrings. This type of warm up targets the muscles used when you swing the club on the course! Now, after about five minutes of gentle warm up, hit a few balls! Swing easy at first then work your way up to longer clubs and a more powerful swing! Now, after a small bucket of balls, you’re warmed up, stretched out and ready to attack the course!

When you get to the first tee think of this. Not only are you going to walk three to four miles, which is great exercise in itself, but you are also going to swing your golf clubs eighty or ninety times! Great upper body exercise!

Every time you approach the ball you are thinking of how you are going to hit the next shot, how are you going to get out of trouble, how softly do you need to hit your chip shot, which way does your put break! Great brain exercise! The whole time you are talking to your golf partners about the round you are playing! Great socializing! When you are finished on the eighteenth green and the handshakes are done don’t forget to stop at the club house with your family and friends for a sandwich and a drink to talk about your day, more socializing!

Yes, golf is great exercise and a great way to spend quality time with family and friends! You may even find that after walking a few rounds you are more fit, have more energy and have dropped a few pounds in the process!

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