Disk Vs Backup Tape – The Best Technology For Reliable Data Archiving is Tape

Reliable, fast and seamless data backup and recovery are essential for business sustainability. It is obvious that the trend is to choose the most economical, intelligent, durable, efficient and compact backup system. The most notable backup technologies are disk and tape.

The question is that which backup system will deliver superior value and allow trouble-free scalability. No need to get confused as we will be comparing the attributes of these technologies in this article. Therefore, a wise decision can be easily made by the data administrators. Let’s first take a look at some of popular formats of disk and tape. SATA and RDX are the high performance disk technologies. On the other hand, AIT, VXA, Travan, DLT, LTO and SDLT formats are widely used by the storage-intensive companies.

Now we move on to the comparison. Tape formats outperform the disk system and stream data at a faster rate. LTO-5 is the newest addition in tape industry that is simply unrivaled. It writes voluminous data files at a tremendous throughput rate of 140Mbps. SATA RAID-6, the fastest disk system, is almost 50% slower. So the tape technology will perform excellently in busy I.T centers.

In today’s interconnected environment, vast amount of corporate data is exchanged between different branch offices. Therefore, you need a durable medium that can carry the data with rock solid reliability. The durability of tape cartridge is many times higher than disks. Media tapes are not affected by rough handlings, whereas the disks are sensitive and cannot be trusted for off-site media storage. There is a high probability that tape cartridge will deliver excellent reliability even after an accidental drop. So the tapes are a reliable medium for transferring business-critical data assets to remote sites.

Additional benefit of tape-based system is the superior space-efficiency. The 2.0 terabyte SATA disks have lost their competitive edge, as the LTO5 tapes have been intelligently engineered to house 3.0 terabyte data. So not only the organizations will enjoy the benefits of space efficiency but also confidently share and preserve the backup data at off-sites.

The most vital attribute while selecting backup system is the data security. Above all, the data security should be robust as well as economical. RAID-10 disk system is costly, but offers excellent security. A more economical option is RAID-5 backup disk system that however fails to deliver reliable security.

As we look at the tape systems, we find numerous backup solutions that have built-in data encryption. LTO4 and LTO5 systems are the best choice. Data is encoded with a smart 256-bit algorithm. Another popular technology is W.O.R.M (write once, read many). Sensitive data will not get tampered if any unauthorized person accesses the WORM-enabled tapes. This feature is available in AIT-4, AIT5, LTO-3, SDLT-2, LTO4 and LTO-5.

Finally, the tape systems maximize the performance with their smart data compression mechanism. Most of the tape drives double the storage performance, whereas the AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) drives further elevate the speed and capacity with a magnificent compression ratio of 2.6 to 1.

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