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Role Models for Women – The Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of the Last Decade

With a slumping economy in the United States, there is a call for more entrepreneurs. The work force is gradually changing and there is a shift that has been occurring in the last decade that is revealing that more women are becoming entrepreneurs. In over fifty-nine economies worldwide, there is an estimated one hundred and […]

The Importance of Accounting Services

I hope you find the information on accountants and their services and how it could benefit your Company in this article useful and informative. Not all people are cut out to deal with accounting, it’s a job that needs a great deal of knowledge, and should be carried out with no mistakes, unless you want […]

Outsourcing Security Guards: Business Experts Advise On Selecting The Best Security Firm

As your business expands, so does the need to provide protection for your people and your properties. Every company needs optimum defense against criminals and trespassers, and the existence of a strong security force provides a feeling of safety and stability in any business setting. Today, numerous company owners prefer to beef up their security […]

Health & Safety Training Tips For The Workplace

One of the laws is that you are required to have a first aider in the work place just in case there is the need for one. If you do not have one then you could be held liable if a certain instant happens as you will have a duty of care to people that […]

Nothing More Important Than Aviation And Transport Security

In the past 10 years, many of us have experienced the increase in airport security that has been introduced due to external threats to air travel both for leisure and commercial purposes. Passengers and employees are looking for peace of mind when they are travelling or working in this now hostile environment. The department of […]

How to Rate Customer Satisfaction

In these days, with so much competition, the world market is congested with too many products with different aspects, approaches and features. Various products and brands have been launched by many renowned companies in the same category in past few years. All of them are trying to increase their market shares and profitable portion of […]

How to Create a Repeat Customer Thank You Letter

People say that the customer is the king of market. Now, let’s modify this a bit: Your present customers are the king of your own market niche. Isn’t this true? Your current or repeating customers are quite loyal to you; so you just cannot afford to forget them in the quest of getting new customers. […]

TOGAF and ITIL; A Marriage Made In Heaven?

Both TOGAF and ITIL overlap in many areas of their process development. They are both frameworks which follow a strict process which is supported by ‘best practise’ and is used widely around the world. Both methods use the idea that all processes are tried and tested by many companies over the years in order to […]

Typical Hourly Rates for a Tax Consultant

Tax consultants usually help people in calculating taxes. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), tax consultants refer to tax experts that help in estimating tax returns as well as tax payable for individuals and small businesses. Although they are not professional accountants, they are certified to offer consultation services regarding tax to […]

The Advantages of a Double Entry System

In the field of bookkeeping, the accountants generally implement two different techniques for tracing financial transactions: single and double-entry systems. A single-entry bookkeeping refers to recording a single line transaction to reflect the debit or credit status of cash. Although this method is simple and efficient in terms of both money and time, it only […]