Building Muscles with Steroids

The use of steroids has undoubtedly changed the way sports as well as gaming events are done in most places. You may have noticed an increase of sportsmen who have chosen to use steroids as a means to improve their performance levels. The most common sport that many people will associate steroids with is weight lifting. It is quite often seen in today’s world where fitness is a must, a story of an athlete who abused steroids.

Using steroids that build muscle for most athletes that use them see it as a way to cheat the natural muscle building process. A lot of the problems associated with using steroids for muscle building are due to the fact most athletes want to become famous but fame for most athletes will never happen or will last only a short while.

Steroids themselves are a drug that is synthetic or natural that can help to control or enhance certain functions within the body. The benefits associated with steroids will usually include an increase in muscle mass, endurance, and even strength. Steroids will also help to conserve glucose in blood as well as help with healing musculoskeletal type injuries. The way a person is able to take steroids may vary on their preferences for taking the drug that will include injections, under the skin implantations, gels, and by mouth.

There are essentially two types of steroids that are available to help build muscle. One type is an anabolic steroid, which is a steroid that has a direct relation to testosterone. These types of steroids will help to increase protein synthesis for the body’s cells and also to buildup anabolism for your muscles. Catabolic steroids are those that will help to break down a person’s muscle mass. A common use for catabolic steroids is to reduce swelling within the body as well as treat autoimmune conditions.

There are also two known forms of steroids in the legal world as well. Legal steroids are steroids that are prescribed by a doctor to a patent under the doctor’s supervision. These kinds of steroids are used to help patients who suffer from breast cancer, delayed puberty, having a very low blood count, and also those who have lost certain functions in their testicles. Illegal steroids are basically used in order for someone to take an unfair advantage against someone else. Muscle building steroids; however fall under the category of legal steroids.

It is also good to keep in mind the side effect that steroids can have on your body before you plan on consuming them in order to increase your muscle mass. One of the first things you should be aware of when taking steroids is how it will affect your brain. It has been shown in studies that having levels of high testosterone in the body will ultimately lead to a person becoming more aggressive.

Individuals who abuse steroids also may suffer from psychological ailments as well such as anxiety. Taking steroids could also disturb your sleep patterns causing you to get less sleep. Depression and severe mood swings are quite common in steroids users as well. A very high percentage of people who take steroids will become dependent on the drug and can ultimately lead to an addiction.

Steroids can also have an effect on the look and overall structure as well. When a person uses steroids it will sometimes lead to a very high level of water retention often called Oedema that gives the user puffy cheeks and a more round looking face. It can also lead to the skin forming acne for those who take them quite often. In females they can be the reason for them to grow unwanted facial hairs and a deepening of the voice. Steroids have also been known to lead to conditions involving the eye such as glaucoma, infections, as well as cataracts.

Heart problems should be the major concern of any user of steroids. Steroids have been linked to certain conditions of the heart, such as heart disease because of the great increase of cholesterol. When a person’s cholesterol levels greatly increase they will sometimes be the cause of buildup on the walls of blood vessels and sometimes lead to a person having a stroke.

Something else to keep in mind when taking steroids is that it can also decreases the levels of good cholesterols that your body needs to function. Heart attack is another major risk factor to watch out for taking steroids. It is best that you always talk to your doctor before trying to take any form of steroid.

There are natural supplements that a person can take to increase their muscle mass if they find steroid use to be too risky for their health. The easiest way for most people to increase muscle mass without the use of steroids is to increase their protein intake levels. Eating more lean meats and greens that will help to “shuttle” that protein to your muscles is by far the healthiest and safest way to build lean muscle.

Try reading about programs such as Precision Nutrition by Dr. John Berardi before risking your health, and be sure to spend a lot of time with research, too.

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